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    Latest Update  '19th May 2016'  (See below)

Hi, and thanks for visiting the Spencer Family website that is our little bit of cyber space.

Some new photo's on the Family News page for you to look at.

As well as his swimming Tom has taken up Karate and although he hasn't been doing it for very long he won a gold medal in his first Karate Tournement and you can see a couple of photo's on the Family News page.

And a    *** news flash***      after complaints from some members of the family there is at last a photo of our Stuart on the Family News page.

There is also a new project 'The Modified Wee Willie'  in the 'Ham Bands' section and the DSO-138 Oscilloscope.

Oh, at the top of the page, you were wondering who the handsome one is in the photo on the  left…. Well that's me, I'm wearing my nerdy hat so that I don't overshadow Colin too much…. Oh, he's the rather whiskery looking one on the right along with our two better halves Julie and Linda.

We hope you enjoy the site.


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