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KX TALK v2.9

KX talk is a program to control the Elecraft KX3 and will also work with the KX2 and K3 as well. It may also partially work on Kenwood transceivers but there is already a seperate package for Kenwood radio's called TS TALK. I  have written this program to run under windows and it is designed to  be easily accessible for the blind.  It isn't a program written for the  sighted and made accessible for the  blind. It has some information in a window on the screen but the whole  operation is designed to be  controlled by single key presses for easy accessibility and everything is spoken.

The program needs no libraries such as hamlib etc. but is a stand alone program you put the KX talk folder anywhere you want on your computer and just start the exe file. When you start the program it  will announce the program name and version and you will know it is  successfully communicating with your KX2 or KX3 or K3 because it will then say  connected, if it doesn't then something is incorrectly set in the radio  or the configuration file.
In the configuration file you set a number of different things like the com port your radio is using and the speed, probably the default 38400Baud, how the ATU works and whether you want the S-Meter corrected if the pre-amp is turned off (I think the K3 corrects automatically). The package also contains a program called find my radio which will automatically find the com port and speed of your radio and write this information into the configuration file for you.

As an example of how the program works if you press the F key then you are in frequency mode and the program will voice the mode and  exact frequency. If you tune the radio with the cursor keys or the tuning knob on the radio and stop on a station then hitting F will again announce the mode and frequency. If you hit the B key the program is in band change mode and you can go up or down the bands using the  cursor keys or jump to a band of choice with the number keys. All of these single key controls are explained in the PDF file which is part  of the download and you can also download an MP3 file and hear an explanation of how the program works and a demo. Plus a walk around of the front panel and connectors of the KX3.

From version 3.0 the program will also includes the option of a virtual radio, which many won't need but which allows other programs to control the radio at the same time as FT Talk, for example ACLog. This version is available if anyone wants to test it.
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There are four downloads,  the first is that MP3 file as an  example of how the program works, the second is an MP3 Walkaround of the front panel and connectors and the third is the getting started document and the fourth is a zip file which contains the program, a PDF instruction manual and all the audio files used by the  program. As well as a version for Kenwood transceivers called TS Talk there is also a version for Yaesu transceivers called FT Talk

FT/TS/KX Talk Demo

KX3 Walkaround


KXTalk Complete Package