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NanoVNA for the Blind version 2.0

The NanoVNA is a great and fairly cheap device which will allow you to measure the SWR of your antennas or find the length of a coax cable and it is now accessible for the blind. There are several programs but I like using NanoVNA Saver because it works for all versions of the NanoVNA both old and new and runs on both windows and Mac systems. But there are other programs such as NanoVNA controller and NanoVNA app. On this page there are links below to access my tutorial for NanoVNA Saver in both PDF and MP3 formats and a link where you can  download the program NanoVNA Saver for windows. Plus some nice demo's from Gena M0EBP of both NanoVNA Saver and NanoVNA Controller in MP3 format. Just go to the links below to access the tutorial download or the demo's.

Link for the NanoVNA tutorial in PDF format

Link for the NanoVNA tutorial in MP3 format

Link to download NanoVNA Saver v0.5.4

Link to NanoVNA Saver for Windows MP3 Demo

Link to 1st NanoVNA Saver for Mac MP3 Demo

Link to 2nd NanoVNA Saver for Mac MP3 Demo

Link to NanoVNA Controller MP3 Demo