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OpenMD9600 Useful Links

Below you will find 3 Useful OpenMD9600 links. The first is a link to a simple User Interface Guide, The second is a link to additional OpenMD9600 voice prompts in various languages and the third link is to the TYT MD9600 Firware which you will need when following tutorial 2.

OpenMD9600 User Interface

OpenMD9600 Voice Packs

TYT MD9600 Firmware

Version 3.3B
Problem with the DCS Rx decoding fixed. Plus Settings storage is now in Flash memory rather than battery RAM, so battery problems don't cause loss of settings and manual backlight toggle as been assigned to button P2 on the front of the radio.

Version 3.3A
this version of the firmware will run on the older MD9600/RT90 with the original STM microprocessor and also on the new MD9600/RT90 using the Chinese Clone microrocessor. In the menu item Firmware Information there is an extra line CPU then either STM for original or TYT for Chinese Clone.

Version 3.2D
New CPS which allows the use of the new FO118 Satellite.

Version 3.2C
New GPS screen and minor changes to the TA function with text added to position information.

Version 3.2B
this version contains a new CPS which allows you to select various TA option  in the channel informtion on a channel by channel basis. The default is  master which uses whatever is  selected in options menu of the radio.

Version 3.2A
if you turn on Talker Alias in the options then the radio will transmit your location as well as your call-sign which allows the networkk to plot  your position on an APRS map. This  works on the DMR+ network and in Brandmeister if you go to self care and set your radio type to Hytera  and GPS in Call to on.

Version 3.1P
fixes a small but with using the D key on the microphone to create latch sk2.

Version 3.1O
DTMF ABCD keys mapped to same keys as GD77 and UV380 plus new CPS with minor modificaitons.

Version 3.1N
In the CPS arbitary frequencies can now be entered rather than just 25/12.5 or 6.25Khz steps.

Version 3.1M
new CPS program from 16/10/22 and in the firmware improved scanning speed and several small bugs fixed.

Version 3.1L
This fixed 2 bugs on the VFO screen
1. The Tx frequency was set to the Rx frequency when saving or writing to the radio, if the Tx frequency was different to the Rx frequency
2. After fixing bug #1 above, I found that  cross-band was still not possible, so that bug has also been fixed

Version 3.1K
small fix for the GPS.

Version 3.1J
Multiple bug fixes

Version 3.1I
New CPS which cures a bug which does not affect the MD9600/RT90 only the GD77.

Version 3.1H
New CPS with Ctrl+u and Ctrl+d to move items up and down in the Zones screen

Versuib 3,1G
Contains a number of bug fixes.

Version 3.1F
New firmware version so you can now start a scan by holding the up arrow while in Channel mode.

Version 3.1E
S meter corrected to give more accurate results over S9 with Version 5 radios.

Version 3.1D
New CPS which allows you to use control u and control d to move items up or down when the zone list is on sthe screen.

Version 3.1C
A new CPS which allows you to move channels up and down in the Channels List Window using Ctrl+u and Ctrl+d.

Version 3.1B
A new CPS which allows you to move channels up or down with ctrl+u or ctrl+d when the channels list is on the screen but it only works in tree view at the moment so not really usable for the blind and there are also some small bug fixes in the firmware.

Version 3.1A
the standby current has been reduced from 100mA to around 19mA. Also with the radio switched off but power applied you can enter firmware upload mode by holding the orange button and P1 and then pressing and releasing the power button on the front panel.

Version 3.0J
New CPS programm which includes the firmware loader so no seperate loader program is needed.

Version 3.0H
Corrects a bug which after settings update caused the radio to come up in beep mode even when the voice pack was present and also the transmit mic gain in FM mode has been reduced by 3db. Holding the # key while switching on brings the radio up in Voice Level 3.

Version 3.0G
New CPS Program to correct a small bug in the use of the Radio ID field.

Version 3.0F
Automatic Power off feature added. Needs both firmware and Voice prompt update.

Version 3.0E
The ok display message changed to ENT to reflect the button used on the MD9600/RT90. Also settings reset by holding P3 while turning on the radio.

Version 3.0D
basically the same as version 3.0C but this is now the first Beta rather than Alpha version.

Version 3.0C
Eco option removed, becuase its not supported. Suspend option removed, becuase its not supported. Out Of Band message is displayed if Channel(s) or VFO frequencies are outside the operating range of the radio.
This message was added because the CPS allows Channels and VFO  frequencies in the 220Mhz band, but the MD9600 hardware does not support it.

Version 3.0B
New CPS, Firmware and Voice packs. So you need to install all three. In the CPS and on the MD9600 in Channel Details you can now disable Beeps and ECO mode individually for each channel

Version 3.0A
Voice mode Level 1 implemented with P2 for voicing.

Version 2.0C
Scan bug fixed and lock for keypad and PTT added.

Version 2.0B
small bug fix for the RSSI indicator and in V1 fix for power button problem.

Version 2.0A
Includes Colour Code scan option and voicing for the Click suppress, DMR RX AGC, Talker and RX beep options . This version needs the new Voice Prompts.

Version 1.0B
Fix for V4 hardware problem and power switch setting remembered after power off.

Version 1.0A
Inital Alpha release of OpenMD9600